Monday, January 18, 2010


This is where we were yesterday - walking along the chalk cliffs above the English Channel. It was sunny and very windy, though not too cold. It's hard to describe how beautiful this is. It's something about the texture of the cliffs, the grass walks, the chalk scattered on the ground, and it's impossible to capture on film. Along the way you could hear the wind, the waves on the shingle beach (pebble beach) and the occasional sound of sheep and cows who were gazing peacefully all around. We came home really tired, but content. It was a good day.We had lunch first, in a pub - The Golden Galleon - then walked. I don't know why the Golden Galleon is named that, but the town of Seaford has a long seafaring history - Viking attacks, smugglers, raids by the French etc. It is the site of one of the Martello Towers built during the Napoleonic Wars.We took the bus, which picked us up at the bottom of Eaton Place, deposited us in front of the Golden Galleon (which is adjacent to the Seven Sisters Country Park) and the set us down at the bottom of Eaton Place on returning to Brighton. It was great service, too, we only waited a few minutes each time.


Vivi said...

The Scottish Highlands are similar -- breath-takingly beautiful, but it doesn't show in the photos.

Sounds like a wonderful day. And so convenient!

peaceable_tate said...

I'm envious; The downs are wonderful.