Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day

Son of is still with us, still on crutches, but getting slowly better. We were, thus, able to celebrate Father's Day with half of our children present.

The other half, Daughter of, was with us in spirit. She gave the COG a rather delightful Father's Day present - a whole lot of oysters and a fantastic French loaf. So, on Saturday night, we picked up the oyster order she had called in to a local fish market, and we had a lot of fun with the oysters. The COG shucked, that being a gender-stereotypical role in this family. I made a salad. We just sat and stood around in the kitchen, drinking wine and eating bread and oysters, a few at a time. Most of the oysters we ate raw. I say 'we' meaning mostly The COG. Son of and I are a little tentative with raw oysters. We had a few and they were fresh and sweet and tasted of the sea. Then we found two recipes for broiled oysters and did 3 at a time, using these two recipes. One recipe was simply a teaspoon of cream, a bit of freshly-grated parmesan and a little olive oil, then broil for a couple of minutes. It was very nice. But the other recipe was divine and that was the one we did over and over. It had lime juice, cilantro, siracha, melted butter and shallot. Really really really good. Quite a delicate flavor so as not to over-power the oysters, but delicious. It was a really lovely, impromptu meal and one we'd like to repeat.

Sunday night, Son of grilled fantastic aged beef steaks and I made salad and a Strawberry Sponge Cake and we celebrated again.