Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Holiday on Ice

It's cold here- the wind off the sea is icy. All the sidewalks are treacherous - uncleared and the packed ice created by freeze/melt cycles is slippery. I took this picture today while we were on our way to the supermarket.

Our journey was completely uneventful, despite weather warnings at every step of the way, starting with emails from Aer Lingus starting 2 days before we left. When we checked in at Boston, they warned us. When we checked in at Dublin, they warned. But everything was on time.

However, when we got to the flat, we discovered that the furnace had gone out at some point. We know it was quite a while ago because the walls of the back room are covered in mold and mildew. We had 24 hours without heat, but it wasn't too bad. For one thing we are sandwiched between two heated flats and for another thing, we bought a plug-in heater. And for a third thing, we are pretty hardy folks. But this afternoon it was fixed by a repairman who looked about 12 years old.

This morning we went to Asda, a giant supermarket owned by the Walmart Evil Empire, and bought cheap clothes to apply bleach to the walls in. The COG bought pajamas. I bought sweats. And we bought lots of cleaning supplies. We will probably clean tomorrow, and then the room will need repainting. But it's a small room with no moldings, so it will be easy and quick. And now we have painting clothes so we can paint other rooms as well.

We are in an internet cafe now, as we haven't figured out what to do for internet in our flat. I did buy a Sim card from a different carrier, so now I can use a phone in the flat. So, gradually, we are figuring things out.

Today's calamity is that I lost my glasses. I know I lost them at Asda, but they havent' been turned in. I'm pretty upset because I really liked them, but Sister May has already called my eye doctor and they are sending me a new prescription so I can get some contacts here. I wouldn't need them, except we have tickets to the theater next week to see Keira Knightley and Damien Lewis in The Misanthrope. I need to be able to see that.

That's all for now. More later.


peaceable_tate said...

oh, wow, that's a nasty surprise to come home to! Especially, since, after all the bad weather alarms, you must have thought you were home free when you got on the bus for Brighton.

Anonymous said...

Glad the trip went smoothly! And you are there safely. Is there mold in the walls or just on the surface? Is that a health issue in the UK?

The Bride said...

The walls are solid masonry, so not the same problem as in the kind of construction in the USA. The mold is gone, now, and the room is sparkling white.