Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Possibly the worst job in the world

Here's something to make you feel grateful - you don't have to clean the windows on the Burj Khalifa, Dubai - the tallest building in the world. It's 2716 feet tall and sways up to 5.5 feet in the wind. By comparison, Wikipedia says that the Empire State Building is 1250 feet, and the John Hancock Tower in Chicago is 1127 feet.

I think the pictures speak for themselves. But if you want to see the view the window cleaners have from the top,

Click Here for a video from the BBC.


Vivi said...

Tonight Jon Stewart made fun of the tv commenters wowwing on about how tall the building is, but I have to say, it looks like something out of a neo-modernist fairy tale. Really rather splendid.

But I wouldn't be a window cleaner on it. Maybe inside windows, but not outside.

peaceable_tate said...

Interesting contender for WJITW. I always thought the worst job in the world was airplane de-icer in Minneapolis in January. I suppose the very high risk of death by falling and sunburn offsets the warm climate and great views. And I shouldn't forget the huge negative of living in Dubai.

David Briggs said...

A photo in today's Star Tribune comments that the new tower looks like something hanging from Minnesotan roofs, only upside down (aka an icicle). Also, Jon Stewart was NOT commenting on what they said, but rather about the way that they kept coming up with new ways to describe how tall it is. And last night he talked about how they didn't start building it until 2004 and Ground Zero is STILL a hole in the ground.