Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Washer/Dryer of Our Own.

Today we bought a washer dryer. I cannot tell you, words can not express my happiness. All the times we've been to England and the thing that has caused the most irritation is not having access to a washer. Even now, we have to wash the slipcover of our sofa (mold!) and it will be easy to do with our own washer and a huge hassle if we had to take several hours and do it all at once.

I can't load a picture - the internet is not working well enough - but I have faith that all of you can imagine a white washer/dryer. We used one of these in a flat we stayed in. You put in dirty clothes and they come out clean and dry. Is that great or what!

Aside from that, today was calm and fun. Rain overnight washed all the snow away. Everything is operating normally now. We walked through Kemptown, crusing a couple of antique stores and stopping for lunch at a restaurant called Here (where Sister Rose and I used wifi last summer). I had mushroom and stilton soup and homemade bread. The COG had a mezze plate with hummus, baba ganouj, feta, roasted peppers and homemade bread. Very nice.

Then, off to the other side of Brighton to buy the Appliance. And we walked home from there, very slowly, dawdling, shopping, wandering a bit. We bought some sausages at The Brighton Sausage Company and had them for dinner. We still haven't found a good wine shop, so we tried another one. It wasn't The One, either.

Now we are in a pub again, and the COG has just read me a headline 'Double Amputee Named Top Skydiver of the Year.'

What can I say to follow that?

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peaceable_tate said...

How refreshing that something so simple can bring such pleasure. It sounds like a lovely day there.