Friday, May 27, 2011

Back Again

I've been trying to figure out what to say after this long absence. A lot happened in a short time in April.

1) Son of broke his leg quite badly. It's nearly 8 weeks later and he still can't put any weight on his leg. He's home but he is recovering. It's only a matter of time is my mantra. He doesn't have a cast, but a huge black Darth Vader looking device he puts on when he moves around. The stitches are out and his leg has healed well, but has big scars, of course. He has gotten quite good at moving around on crutches, but it's hard when you can't put any weight at all on your foot and he gets tired. We've taken him out to do a little bird watching, but it's sad that he has mostly missed this years migration. Still.. only a matter of time. Could have been so much worse.

2) Daughter of gave birth to another beautiful little girl. What riches, to have two lovely granddaughters. I spent a couple of weeks helping out after the birth. Miss A. has a very easy-going personality. She eats well; she sleeps well; she looks around contendly in between. No newborn is easy, but she reminds me of her mom, who was a blessedly amiable baby.

3) Dog of Cog died. She had reached a good old age after a pretty eventful life. She was a good dog and I miss her. I keep looking for her around the house before I remember that she is gone. Now Cat of Cog is an Only Pet.

Meanwhile, life has been going on around here. Lots of nests around. We've Baltimore Orioles in the front yard and Orchard Orioles in the back. There's a family of swans across the street who visit our pond sometimes in the morning. There's a family of Canada Geese that visits in the afternoons. They must be nesting nearby. The air is full of birdsong all day.