Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Super Powers

What Super Power do you want?  Long ago I decided my super power would be to know from a single glance what the best thing was on any restaurant menu.  And the COG decided his super power would be to make any light turn green as he approached it.

A couple of days ago, sitting in a small waiting room with a huge tv blaring unhappy news, the COG changed his most desired super power to the ability to shut down tvs invisibly.  Yesterday in a different waiting area, this time without a tv,  there was a woman talking loudly into her phone, which was on speaker so we were all privileged to hear her conversations with multiple people.  So I decided my new desired super power to the ability to mute people who are speaking loudly on the phone in public places.

Some days I feel like a real curmudgeon.  Then I look at the COG and realize I am an amateur, and feel better.