Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'd Rather Be Reading

The COG has remarked (more than once) that my gravestone should say 'Just wait until I finish this chapter.' And, I guess that means I'm a Reader. I pretty much always have several books on the go.

Right now, I am listening to 'The Domesday Book', by Connie Willis, which I've already read and which I am loving, again. Part of my brain is in the middle ages all day long. I'm close to the end and I'm putting off finishing it because then it will be done.

I'm also reading a mystery by Kate Ellis, and a book called 'Changes in the Land; Indians, Colonists, and the Ecology of New England.' On my Kindle, I've got a new Charles Todd book - another mystery. And there's a cookbook called 'A New Way To Cook,' by Sally Schneider that I've been reading while I eat breakfast. And there's a Georgette Heyer by my bed that I read before I fall asleep. Right now it's 'The Reluctant Widow,' which I have probably read 20 or 30 times cover to cover, with many many more times that I just dipped into it. And I'm probably forgetting a couple of others.

Wednesdays are big book days for me. In the morning at least twice a month I sort books that have been donated to the Friends of the Library. We have 3 book sales a year, when the books we've sorted are taken out and sold. I also maintain a book cart at the library of the best, newest books which we sell for $2. What a bargain! And a couple of times a month, there are Wednesday night Friends of the Library Board meetings, or library programs.

I've just come from a Board meeting.

And now I'm going to read my Kate Ellis mystery.


Andrew said...

"...'The Domesday Book', by Connie Willis..."

? White paperback, time-travel and black-death? (That the book?)

The Bride said...

yes- Oxford in some indefinite future, which is almost like the present except that history grad students travel back in time to study. One student is accidentally sent back to the beginnings of the plague in England.

It's a wonderful book. And it's oddly relevant because a flu pandemic plays an important role, which now seems very foresighted of Willis.