Monday, August 16, 2010

Small earthquakes in Brighton

Years ago some journalists at The Guardian in the UK had an office contest to come up with the most boring headline. The winning one was 'Small Earthquake in Chile, Not Many Injured.'

I think of this everytime I read The Argus, the Brighton newspaper. I love reading it. Here are my favorites from today's headllines"

Headline 1: Tile falls from Worthing shop

9:00am Monday 16th August 2010
Firefighters have cordoned off a section of a street after a tile fell from a shop roof.
The tile fell from the roof of the Phones4U mobile phone shop in Montague Street, Worthing at around 5.30pm last night.
Firefighters from Worthing have cordoned off a small section around the shop to protect passersby.

Headline 2: Dung pile in Sompting catches fire accidentally

6:52pm Monday 16th August 2010
Firefighters were called to a pile of dung which accidentally caught fire.
A West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service crew from Worthing attended the blaze in West Street, Sompting, 10.08am today.
The pile covered about 30ft of ground and it took firefighters about an hour to extinguish the blaze.

Headline 3: Book starts Crawley kitchen fire

9:50pm Monday 16th August 2010
A neighbour put out a fire which started after a book fell on to the gas ring of an oven.
Fire crews from Horsham and Horley were called to Salisbury Road, Tilgate, Crawley, at 4pm today after smoke was seen issuing from the kitchen window of the home.

A West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said no one was at the property when they arrived and that the neighbour had broken in to put the blaze out.

There were lots of pets inside the property but they were unharmed. The oven, hob, splashback and extractor hood were all damaged by the fire.


Vivi said...

Surprising -- and rather pleasant -- to know that so little happens in that happ'ning town that these are "news". Much better than it could be.

Still, not as exciting as "Bus swerves; nobody hurt."

peaceable_tate said...

Part of the charm of nothing too bad happening are the English names: Montague Street, the West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service crew from Worthing. It's like reading PG Wodehouse.