Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good News from Today's Guardian!

"Chocolate can be good for women's hearts".

A team of Swedish researchers, using a sample of 42,000 Swedish women aged 48 to 83 has found that one or two servings of good-quality chocolate may reduce the risk of developing heart failure by nearly a third.

The bad news is that while moderate chocolate consumption (19 to 30g a week) significantly reduced the risk of heart failure, the benefit was diminished when subjects ate more (1 serving a day) or less (1 to 3 servings a month). But, still, their risk was 26% lower than those who ate none at all.

Life is good.

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peaceable_tate said...

This is good news! (**running off to get calculator**)...so 20g of chocolate = 3/4 oz) works out to 2.5 WW points per week, 30 gm (1 oz) is 3.5 points. TADA!! That's 1.5 oz (~28 items) of chocolate covered raisins or one McElrath dark chocolate truffle each week (rather than, say, per night, every night, sigh.) Not a huge amount, but something.

And imagine the benefits if we wash it down with 4 oz of vin rouge or 3 oz of armagnac (2 Pts).