Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monet's Kitchen- The Play Version: Part 1

Perhaps you recall that last Spring Daughter of and I started to build a modest play kitchen for Miss T. What we had in mind was something like this charming example from Ikea Hacker.

Then, we saw this picture

and The Monet-at -Giverny Play Kitchen was conceived.

I'll show you pictures of the final product tomorrow, but here are some details.

Daughter of deconstructing the entertainment console we used for extra wood. Notice the feet which got cutdown for the refrigerator.

Before painting, tiles, faux marbre counters, country sink, stove parts etc.

The refrigerator with its 'shelves' in place and the decorative border on the top.

Miss T. enjoying the refrigerator before the top was put on and the shelves installed. Note, especially, the decorative feet on the fridge cut down from the entertainment console.

Some of the brass pieces we used - the ornamental escutcheon is one of two I bought at a reuse center for extra decoration.

The copper batterie de cuisine - Ikea aluminum kid's stuff, sprayed copper.


Andrew said...

I am massively impressed! I think this a wonderful folly, and wonderfully creative and (hopefully) fun to do. bravo~!!

Vivi said...

Doesn't Miss T know it's dangerous to climb into a refrigerator?

Primatoide futile said...

This is absolutely adorable. I did not want to make my daughter such a gender specific toy, but if it can be a 19th century play kitchen, I am very much tempted...