Thursday, August 12, 2010

12th of August

Here is is the 12th of August and I have once again forgotten to post (yesterday). I wish I could give you updated pictures of the new roof, which is coming along nicely.

However, the depressing fact is that you can't see it. They are doing the top part of the roof - the part that is liable to leak and was in terrible shape. So there's nothing to see except ladders and a dumpster etc. Even when they finish it will make almost no difference to the appearance of the house because we are only having the top done this year.

Because of the way the house is built, we have 4 times the usual roof of a house. There's the top of both the main house and the part of the house over the garage. Each of these covers the footprint of a moderately sized house. Then, next year, we'll do the gambrel sides which are the roof space of another 2 houses. We are also this year having the roof over the one story entry that connects the two parts done. So we will be able to see that.

However, the contractor warned me today that the place where this connects to the side gambrels will look not so good because they'll have to replace flashing and shingle along the bottom edge. So it won't match.

It's really sad because this is fabulously expensive to do. The problem with any kind of prevention/replacement is that there's no fun in it. Of course, if the roof weren't there, or it were leaking terribly we be deleriously happy to be getting a roof. But, it's not.

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