Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It was so hot again today that they couldn't start shingle-ing. They removed the old roof from the North side of the house and put tar paper on it. Then they left about 2:30. They will be back early tomorrow to start the shingles before the heat of the day. Apparently they are fragile when it's too hot.

The rubber membrane thing has been applied to the back and they have started to build the railing around it. Clearly, we need a fence there for safety, but it will interfere with the view. Too bad.

We aren't quite sure what we'll do with the area now. We've asked for an estimate on a deck. The roof isn't strong enough for a green roof - which is too bad. I don't know if it can support a deck. It's a very long span without support inside, so it might be difficult - too expensive and too much trouble to do - they'd have to remove the whole roof the wooden panels as well and reinforce every one of the cross beams . You can buy black rubber cushion-y panels you can get so that you can walk on it safely. We may do that, for the time being. And next summer we might buy the Ikea deck panels to lay on top of them. Or maybe not.