Sunday, December 16, 2007

Naming Sisters

The Bride has been adding labels to her blogs and has encountered a problem. There are two Sisters of The Bride and they are both important to her. She does not want to name them Sister #1 and Sister #2. If you don't immediately understand why, then you do not have siblings.

Younger and Youngest don't appeal either, because The Bride doesn't need to be reminded who is the oldest.

So, henceforth, Sister Pink refers to the Midwestern Sister (because she looks pretty in it) and Sister May refers to the Western Sister (because she was born then and the colors she looks pretty in don't work). Sister Rust? Sister Dark Bluey-Green? I think not.

The Bride also has two brothers, but she will cross that bridge when she comes to it.


Vivi said...

I am more than happy to wear the mantle of Sister May of the Bride, although Sister Peri or Sister Winkle have their own charms. Sister Burgundy sounds much too heavy and Sister Navy much too watery.

David Briggs said...

For the brothers, what about Brother Homo Domi, his alias on another blog for the younger of the two, and Hefty Brother or something like that for the other.

peaceable_tate said...

You could just call us Rose and May--you'd have kind of a bridal theme going then.

The Bride said...

Brother David: I wouldn't dream of referring to you as Hefty Brother. More likely Army Guy.

Peaceable, I like it. Rose and May it is. Reminds me of Gilbert and Sullivan. Where the cast sings to Rose Maybud and Robin, 'Hail the Bride of Seventeen Summers'.

That covers all three of us, except for the Seventeen Summers part.