Friday, December 14, 2007

The Bride Considers Yellow Paint

The Bride is trying to decide on a paint color for the guest room. Yellow, because the room is North-facing and cold, and because the Bride loves yellow. However, it must go with the red toile fabric she has already purchased.

The yellow on the extreme left is an historic color, Hawthorne yellow which is a favorite of the Bride's. The very intense one at the top is actually watered down yellow ochre acrylic paint. The top one right next to the toile is the color of the dining room. Unfortunately, the Bride can't remember what color it is or where it was purchased.

There are more yellows on the other side of the window, but this side is the best.

Decisions decisions. It's never easy.


peaceable_tate said...

Indeed. The dreaded paint decision...!

All of these, at least on my monitor, look similar (l (excluding the special case watered down ochre)--the unknown dining room color is perhaps the most cheerful. I like the hawthorne a lot, though, at the blog remove. Nice color.

is that primrose at the bottom, just to the left of the DR color?

The Bride said...

I believe the one underneath the DR is another patch of Hawthorne yellow, which is closest in hue to the yellow ochre -- though of course, a lighter tint.

David Briggs said...

Bride, Have you considered going away from yellow to something different? I am thinking here of such variations as either gold or an orange, or in otherwords trying to combine the yellow that you prefer with the red of toile that you already have?

Vivi said...

I like the Hawthorne, the one immediately right of that, which is kind of peachy, and the one below the DR color. That is, assuming what I see is what you see (blogs and monitors and all that). The DR color is nice, too.

Lots of help, aren't I?

I think the bottom one, below the DR, would look great, but would be very crisp and bright, which may not be the goal you have for a guest bedroom.