Monday, December 10, 2007

The Bride Has A Birthday

The COG cooked Meatballs and Spaghetti, always the Bride's favorite birthday meal. The Son of COG made a Chocolate Souffle, shown here. Divine!

The Bride received a new 3d gen Nano, named Dulcibella, so adorable and tiny. And a new large screen to use with her laptop computer, named Bluebell.

The Bride will have to wean herself from Annabelle, her old ipod, which feels more like a pet, than technology. It will be wrenching.

Why why why does the Bride never learn not to name things?


BabyBleus said...

Because Apple encourages you to name things.

Is the common thread of "belle" intentional, or has it just turned out that way? Lovely names, all. Much more thematic than mine, which follow the trends of my mind at the time of naming: Serena, Leonie, Adele, Capability (all computers), Biana and Orpheo (iPods).

The Bride said...

Annabelle started the 'belle' phenom, because I liked it. Then I've just continued it.

Apple encourages it in a way, but the name they gave it was "The Bride's Ipod" and I had to change it. I probably wouldn't attach so much if I used the default.

David Briggs said...


Here's hoping that you had a good birthday, even if these wishes are a bit belated. And for those not in the know, I did wish the Bride a Happy Birthday ON her birthday, but privately, this though is in public.