Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Bride Makes An Old Family Recipe

After shoveling snow in the rain with the COG and The Son of, The Bride made potato soup, by an old family recipe. The Bride's mother must have made it at least once in these circumstances, because The Bride has a strong association between shoveling snow, and then eating Potato Soup.

In The Bride's mind, of course, this has a mythic quality: The warm family kitchen, the creamy soup with patches of yellow from the quantitites of butter used in the soup, the faint brown sprinkles of celery salt on the top. Also, in memory, The Bride's mother always, without fail, made the soup after shoveling snow.

The Bride would normally never dream of using celery salt and The Kitchen Police (aka The COG and The Son of) would normally protest. But for this one recipe, it is necessary.


peaceable_tate said...

Does the Bride's memory include the whining of Sister Pink in the background, insisting that she doesn't like potato soup??

As an adult who has fond memories of potato soup, I look back and wonder about that child.

The Bride said...

There is no memory of whining. The family of memory was perfectly harmonious as they gathered around the table in warmth and love, eating the good soup.