Monday, December 3, 2007

Large tv - update

To answer various questions. Yes, the tv can be wall mounted, but we will have that done professionally, once we are fully up and running.

We have ordered a new TiVo, but not received it yet. We also don't have the right cable box for receiving HDTV, although our service includes it. Once the TiVo arrives, we have to make a service call to get them to install the cable cards (they won't let us do it).

We have also ordered a new sound system, which includes a dvd player. We don't know what to do with the vcr, possibly will attach it to the old tv somewhere else in the house, along with the old dvd player.

Haven't tried Animal Planet, but we have plans to get the David Attenborough, Planet Earth from Netflix for Christmas watching. The American version had a voice over by Sigourney Weaver. We prefer the Attenborough one. I have no idea why they changed it for the USA.

Decorating shows are a little weird, as the people and furniture are actually larger than life. But weird in a good way. I'm looking forward to HDHGTV.

My worst fear, that it would be impossible to watch because of the size, was not realized at all. The picture is good, even on the non-HD programs.

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