Thursday, August 7, 2008

Woods Hole - Son of COG

Last Saturday the COG and I visited Son of COG in his new place in Woods Hole. We saw his room in a large wonderful old house; met his landlady, Virginia, who seemed a very interesting woman a little older than us. The Son of.. showed us the wonderful deck/widow's walk at the top of the house from which you can see the ocean a few blocks away.
Then, we walked the couple of blocks into the center of town. The second picture is the place where Son of has breakfast most days. Really a charming looking place, where they make everything on site - including roasting coffee beans. He showed us where he works ( separate blog about that).
We had a lovely dinner at a charming restaurant. Then we walked home the long way, along the beach. The lighthouse in the pictures is pretty famous, at least locally.
And there's a glimpse of the COG and Son of... It reminds me of a picture taken at the Island, about 25 years ago, with both of them looking out at the water.

It was interesting to see Woods Hole after the places we visited in Spain. It was really very similar in many ways. It's a wonderful part of the Cape.

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