Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday Evening at Plum Island

Because I'm a cheap date, I let the Geezer take me to Plum Island Sunday evening. He loves going there for two reasons: first, it's free because he's so old; second, it's beautiful. My role was to drive, to stop on a dime when the Geezer saw a photo op and to do my part for the ecosystem as part of the food chain (me->mosquitoes->tree swallows->whatever eats the tree swallows etc.).

While the Geezer took his beautiful pictures, I listened to a book on my ipod and gazed with admiration at all the other photographers, some of whom had very, very large zooms.

As the evening advanced, I did take a couple of pictures - nothing like as lovely as the COG's, but just to give you some idea of the general look of things.

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