Saturday, August 23, 2008

Appleton Farm - Picking Veg and Flowers

The COG and I went to Appleton Farm this morning to pick beans, tomatoes, flowers and herbs. The first picture was taken from the gate to the field where we can pick. Someone has left their sunflowers in a pail of water, while they pick something else.
For our membership we get two things. First, every week we get a grocery bag full of whatever is going, which we choose from bins in the barn. Second, there are some fields that are planted for us to pick from. Sometimes some things are limited. Today we were limited to 3 Heritage tomatoes - but could pick unlimited regular and plum tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. We were also limited (if you can call it a limit) to 10 stems of sunflowers and 5 gladioli.

Beans were unlimited, so I picked about a million. They were so plentiful. I think that people haven't been picking as much because it has been so wet. Plus, I was picking in a newer field, a bit farther out than the older one, which still has lots of beans.

You can see my basket of beans in one picture and a typical plant with lots of beans on it, in another.

I continued picking a long time after the pictures - The basket was full to overflowing before I stopped.

The last picture shows some of the sunflowers. They are planted in rows and they grow so tall. It's fun to walk down the ranks to find the best flowers in the middle rows, far down.

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