Monday, August 11, 2008

Fruits of the Season

This is part of this week's share from the Appleton Farm CSA. It doesn't show the herbs (basil, cilantro and dill) I picked this week or any of the leafy veggies (a head of lettuce, a bag of arugula and one of Russian kale) or the eggplant, zucchini and tomato I used for ratatouille a couple of nights ago. Or the 6 ears of corn we've already eaten. However, it does show the wonderful flowers, including 7 stems of sunflowers, which sell for as much as $5 apiece in flower stores here.

Because we've had a cold, wet summer (it's raining as I write) the tomatoes are late. Usually we have them by mid-July, but this was the first week for them, and they were limited. I was able to pick a pint of sungold grape tomatoes, but they were a little more green and yellow than gold. Nevermind, they still taste fantastic. There is nothing in the world like a just picked tomato.

There are 7 pounds of beans there, which I picked on Saturday. I must get them cleaned, blanched and frozen today. The odd purple bulbs on the right of the picture are kohlrabi, for which I must find a recipe. The gi-normous zucchini is actually a donation from the Rice's, our neighbors. This variety, I"m told, is extremely nicely flavored and you just hack off as much as you want and return the rest to the fridge for another day. This one, or part of it anyway, is getting made into zucchini bread, which I will mail to Son of, since the Geezer and I are watching our weight and can't eat it.

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