Thursday, August 14, 2008

Horrible Job, but finished

Last Spring, the Geezer and I contracted to have some trellising built and erected on our house. It's really good quality trellising, cedar, heavy duty, well-made. You can see them here, leaning against our garage door.

In a fit of what must have been early dementia, I said I'd put the wood preservative on them. What was I thinking?

It was a horrible, horrible job. I rented a sprayer, which made it marginally easier, but also created a fine mist of easily inhaled toxic fumes. And a mess. I did put down a drop cloth to catch most of the spray. However, when you spray lattice, you mostly are spraying the holes between the wood parts, so the drop cloth was a mess by the time I had finished - 2 coats on each side.

Now, although I've showered, the inside of my nose seems to be coated with the stuff because it's all I can smell. And I feel sticky all over.

We think they are going to come tomorrow and put them up. And they will look good. More pictures, then.

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