Sunday, June 29, 2008

COG arrives

The Cranky Old Geezer arrived yesterday and so did Rose's own geezer(ROG).  Despite the Geezers being jet lagged, we all went out for the evening.  We had a drink (pastis, for me, the COG and Rose. beer for ROG) in a sidewalk cafe on the Capitole, then we had an absolutely fabulous meal in a little restaurant called The Genty Magre, or something like that.

We all had the same thing, sort of.  For starters we had duck on a little mound of chickpeas and various vegetables made into a wonderful salad with a little crunch to it and seasoned with mint and cilantro.  For the main course I had slightly grilled tuna with a crust of cumin on a bed of something like baba ganoush. The others had lamb shanks that looked really good.  But I have to say mine was so wonderful that I didn't even ask for a taste.  For dessert we had different things: Rose and I had a chocolate ..... thing. It had a sabayon on top and a dense chocolate center sitting on a bed of crunchy chocolate cookie crumbs.   ROG had cherry clafouti and the COG had a waffly thing with ice cream and red fruit sauce on it.  We also ordered a special wine accompaniment so we had 3 different kinds of wine: a Gaillac red for the first course, another red for the second course, and a sweet white petillant wine for the dessert.  About 2.5 bottles of wine for the 4 of us, plus drinks before. 

It was a really wonderful meal.  Afterwards, the Geezer and I took a walk by the river. That's what the pictures show.  Then we retired to our lovely hotel room, where (unlike Rose and ROG) we slept like babies -  undisturbed by the noise of jubilant rugby fans celebrating Toulouse's win in a major game with shouting, singing, and bottle breaking.

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