Friday, June 20, 2008


Most days for lunch, Sister Rose and I have a sandwich while sitting on a park bench. Today was different.  We had just finished taking our final test - yes, we actually have tests in our French class and we've actually taken the final even though we have a week of class left.  Also, summer has suddenly come to Toulouse, so we decided it was necessary to have lunch in one of the many restaurants with outdoor terraces.  

Because the restaurant was very busy, we had a drink in the shade while we waited for a table. Then, the hostess showed us to a table under an umbrella and we ordered.  It was very leisurely and civilized.

Both of us had the special of the day - Paella - and a glass of wine.  Then, as it was a special and celebratory lunch, we had dessert.  I had Poire au Vin, Pear cooked in red wine, which was absolutely wonderful. Sister Rose had Isle Flottante, meringue covered in almond slices floating in a little lake of custard.  It must have been really good, too,  because when I suggested tentatively that we each eat half and then exchange, Sister Rose showed me her teeth and threatened to hit me with her spoon.  

The top picture shows the view I had as I ate and the bottom one is Sister Rose taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.  Silly, but it made us laugh. 

I'll post next week about our usual lunches.  They aren't as grand, but they have their own unique pleasures.

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Vivi said...

I like Rose's haircut.