Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ma Chambre a Toulouse

A couple of pictures of my room here in Toulouse.  The room is at the top of the house - it feels like my own little nest.  It was an attic until about 8 years ago.  The most eccentric thing about it ( apart from the shower, which is eccentric in a completely normal French way) is the access. I'm not sure I have captured the stair case. It is 4 feet wide at most - and that's the whole thing, so the treads are only about 2 feet wide.  It is a double spiral going downstairs, so the stairs are very steep.  I had to turn my suitcase sideways to get it upstairs. 

I'm sure it wouldn't have passed building codes in the US, because the only egress in case of fire is the skylight in the roof.  Particularly because the wooden staircase (which is installed in a former closet) would act like a chimney stack in case of fire.  But, strangely, that's also what makes it feel so safe. 

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