Wednesday, June 18, 2008

After Long Silence

I haven't made an entry here since early May, so I just want to bring everyone up-to-date inas easy a way as possible. So, here we go. Preparation for 7 weeks away from home. Preparation for wedding. Wedding ( brief interlude for abcessed tooth).  France. Jet-lag. French classes.  French language. Internet problems. Sore throat. Internet Problems Trip to Cahors. Internet problems. Walk in the country. Jacuzzi. Sore throat continues. Walk around town. Jacuzzi. Sore throat becomes horrible cold.  Horrible Cold continues.  Horrible cold begins to get better.

So now we are up to date.  I'll continue with pictures in another post.

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peaceable_tate said...

to bring it even more up to date:

blogging at cyber cafe
metro ride home to Fontaine Lestang