Saturday, July 5, 2008

Where Was I? Oh, yes, Pezenas

The COG and ROG arrived and after a couple of nights in Toulouse, we travelled to Pezenas, a small city   near the coast of the Mediterranean. Pezenas is chiefly known for the wonderful 16th century buildings and for its connection to Moliere, who worked there for a time. We chose it partly because there was a hotel there with rooms available. We couldn't find much about it in guide books, which gave us the (false) impression that there would be few tourists there. Alas, no. Many English tourists. However, it is a lovely place with the classic story of wealth and importance in the 16th century followed by a quick fall into obscurity. This story often means that places are well preserved. So we like it when this happens.  There was also a greve in process. The garbage men were not picking up the garbage so there were huge heaps of garbage in the old part of the city.  The day we left private garbage crews escorted by police cleared it up.  Interesting to watch.

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