Friday, May 2, 2008

Swan Lake @ Wetten dass ? 2008-01-26

What can I say - georgeous, graceful, breathtaking and so seemingly effortless. When clearly it isn't. I can hardly stand on one foot to put my socks on


David Briggs said...

I can't help but wonder how many times she fell in practice. You'll notice that when she was balancing on one foot on his head he was both wearing a special hat (to give her a more stable place to stand), and that there was an assistant who sole reason for being was to catch her in case she fell.

And just FYI, for those who are wondering who they are, and from what Company they hail, they are members of the Bejing Chinese Opera, I know that because Mom and I watched another nearby Youtube dance from France which featured the same to principles.

Mister Invisible

The Bride said...

I assumed the special hat was also to protect his head. I noticed the assistant - it must be a pretty dangerous thing to do. But she makes it look amazingly easy.

Pookie's Mom said...

I'm now prompted to start practicing ballet with husband.....Given that Steve has minimal hair (or as our young neighbor says, "You have a HIGH forehead"!), the hat for Swan Lake will be a critical
choice.....Perhaps the performance title should be