Sunday, March 2, 2014

What I've been Doing: Part II

Remember the counters I was going to seal?  Before I had a chance to finish sealing the counter (after repairing and repainting the kitchen walls), the Wood Floor Guys showed up at the door and said- Sorry we forgot to call, but we are here to start putting in that wood floor you wanted.

The new wood floor covers the entire upstairs, except for one small bedroom. Which means that we had to drop everything and move the entire upstairs into that little back bedroom.  Here is the picture that is worth 1,000 words:

Yes, that is all the chaos that has been my life since the end of January.

I've just edited out a long, boring section about what the floor guys did before they did the floor. They tore out a lot of stuff and repaired what they found underneath it.

It was after they left (leaving behind the bundles of wood planks that needed to sit in the house for a couple of weeks) that I said to the COG, we should paint the closet now. Before the floors go in.

The closet, Sigh, where to start. It's huge and it was horrible.  Obviously put in by a DIY-er who never finished anything and used the cheapest possible materials.  Reader, we tore it all out and bought a nice Elfa system from The Container Store.

Here are some pictures taken after the horrible unfinished plywood was ripped out and while we were painting, but before the floors were installed.  From one direction:

and the other direction. It's 20 feet long.   

Alas, the Elfa is only good on straight walls, and we have one long slanted wall. So I had the idea of building units across the whole wall. And that is what I have been doing every day for most of the month.  

I'm not done - they need tops and trimming out.  But you can see where I'm going and you can glimpse the lovely floors.   

This is a window seat, in between two taller runs. It will ultimately have a cushion, as well as being finished with trim etc. I'm already using it everyday when I put my socks on.

And this is the other side of the window seat. 

They are built to fit perfectly some Ikea and Container Store storage bins.

I'm going to have to leave it as is, untrimmed, until we get back from England in mid April.  I have to begin to unpack that mess of a room which is still piled high with stuff because otherwise I will have nothing to wear in England. And some of the COG's photographic gear is very well protected at the very back of the pile.

I hate hate hate leaving it unfinished, especially after all my unkind thoughts about the unknown DIYer who did such a crap job before.  But I will finish, and I'll post the final pictures to prove it.

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