Saturday, March 8, 2014

Arrived in Brighton!

We have arrived back in our flat in Brighton.  The poor COG had a migraine starting before we landed and continuing through the bus ride here and into the day.  He felt really wretched and was more of a pathetic old geezer all day yesterday.  However, I am happy to report that his natural crankiness has returned. He is, at this very moment nagging me while he writes a grocery shopping list, so I know he's feeling better.

It's sunny and in the low 50s today, but better still there are daffodils everywhere.  Much can be forgiven from Mother Nature when she supplies so many daffodils.  And also, the grass is green here. I've noticed this before - England stays green in the winter, the grass and ivy etc. don't turn brown. It must be that a few degrees make the difference. 

We haven't yet checked out the storm damage, so we don't know how much they've recovered. 
We are still just getting settled in, delayed slightly by the COG's (POG's) migraine. 

Nothing but good times ahead.

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