Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ahhhhh Italia

Got up at 3:30 am (which was really 2:30 am because the clocks went forward tonight), To Gatwick via coach (the train is stopped for repairs on Sunday morning) and arrived still in the dark at 5:45. Boarded the plane at 7:30, very early morning.  The day was clear. I slept for a bit then....

The Alps in Switzerland:

The Italian Alps (less snow):

Venice - the green area diagonally across the center:

And at that point the pictures stopped entering photo stream, so I can't get them onto the blog. The COG has an actual camera and there's a way of transferring the photos that is not reliant on photostream.  

More later,  if I can solve the picture problem.

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Kate said...

I love photos from plane windows and seeing the Alps and Venice from the air.