Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring has Sprung for Rooks, too.

We went to Lewes one day last week and we came upon this very active rookery. I like rooks - they are noisy and obnoxious but I like that, in birds.

There are a lot of rookeries around and they are particularly obvious now because there are no leaves on the trees. Also, because all the rooks are noisily busy with making a house a home.

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Kate said...

Thanks to google, a question that I was going to ask has been answered: rooks are larger than crows and smaller than ravens. Both share the noisy & obnoxious characteristic.
Here in the grip of Minnesota "spring", we're seeing huge flocks of crows. After our last snowfall-I stood in the wintry garden and counted five distinct "come hither, dear" bird calls. Marvelous and surreal.