Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yes, another closet

I have a thing about closets. I like them organized. Here is a picture of the cleaning closet in Brighton. I wish it were prettier - but I didn't feel like painting it at this time. I think it's kind of pathetic to post it - it's not even a good picture. Because it's a stitched picture, it looks blurred. But, the truth is I spent a couple of days organizing this space. I cut in half the shelf that had filled the whole top of the closet. And I built the shelving from extra shelves from an Ikea unit in another room. And I just used bits of left over batten attached to the wall as a base for nails to hang things from. Maybe some day I'll paint it and put some kind of flooring on it. Right now it's got 150 years of dust on wide Victorian, mismatched floorboards.

BTW. This is an understair cupboard of the kind that Harry Potter slept in at the Dursley's house.

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