Thursday, September 23, 2010

The COG Arrives (a long time ago)

The COG arrived last Saturday.  I kissed him and left, moments after he entered the flat as I had to make a second trip to Ikea in order to get the sofa bed we wanted.  They only get a couple of them a week and they were saving one for me till the end of the day. So I really had to go then.

But, I did return later. By then, The COG was out taking pictures, so I waited for him to come home so I could actually greet him properly.

Sunday we did some shopping in Brighton.

Monday we went for a walk and took some pictures and kind of hung out.

Tuesday we rented a car and made my third trip to Ikea in a week. (We will speak of this no more.) Then, we headed cross country, first to Bodiam (which I will post separately) then to Rye. I can't at the moment think why we went to Rye. It may have been just because it was There. It was not a successful destination - we never got out of the car; From Rye we went to Hastings - thinking of Foyle's War.  Hastings was worse than Rye.  And  we drove home along the coast.  Unfortunately, the coast road is completely built up nearly the whole way.  Not a lovely drive.

Until Eastbourne, which was a surprise.  You have to understand that Eastbourne has a rather grim reputation as being a place for old people.  One of the Brighton travel guides we have refers to it as 'The World's largest Open Air Hospice' where there are 'more hearing aid shops than pubs'.  But actually, it's a very pretty place. I mean, the seafront is nicer than Brightons in some ways. More greenery, anyway, and almost completely lined with intact Victorian hotels and housing.  The COG read that this is because it is owned by the Duke of Devonshire (he is the leaseholder on all the property) and he has been completely against any development that damaged the Victorian Essence of Place.

Thank-you Duke of Devonshire.

Anyway, from then on the scenery got better.  We arrived home late but (despite all the futile driving) quite content. The COG managed to get a couple of lovely shots of the sun setting from Eastbourne. And, of course, Bodiam was good.

Wednesday we had a great day.  Which I will blog about separately.

Now it's Thursday.  We walked downtown, did some errands and some grocery shopping. Then we took the bus to Newhaven where we arranged to go to France this weekend.

We are sitting side by side on an old leather chesterfield in a pub called The Saint George, which has free internet and terrible music.  Both of us are using our computers. I have answered my email and am now blogging. The COG is trying to get into his work site.  It's pretty much driving him crazy with frustration as it's slow and he cannot get in. He thinks the latest Mozilla, which downloaded without his permission, is blocking the flash somehow.

We haven't had as much time on the internet this visit and we won't have access in France this weekend, so I won't blog again (apart from a couple more posts tonight) until Tuesday.


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