Friday, September 3, 2010


Hurricane Earl is on his way, due to hit us sometime after midnight, although latest reports say it is a very weakened storm that will make landfall.

Naturally the COG and I went to the beach to see what was happening, which turned out to be mostly other people watching to see what was happening. There was a father and 2 kids bodysurfing in the 4-6 foot swells, despite dire warnings about riptides in the media. They were having fun. And a couple of people were fishing.

Now it's pouring rain outside. The COG refilled the gas can for the generator and we've recharged everything that takes charging and run the dishwasher partly full. We are all set in case of a power outage.

But we are expecting that it will be nothing more than heavy rain with a bit of wind. I love a good storm.

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peaceable_tate said...

I'm jealous and relieved that it isn't me at the same time.