Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Safe Arrival

I'm here in Brighton again. The COG joins me on Saturday. It was a completely uneventful flight, except for one thing. I had a window seat and the weather was clear. It was also a little later than usual, so I could see clearly the entire coastline of Southern England as we flew over - was able to identify lots of it. And London was wonedrful. I saw and could identify:

St. Paul's Cathedral
The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben
Westminster Abbey
The Tower
Tower Bridge
Chelsea Bridge
Buckingham Palace
Hyde Park and Kensington PArk
The Albert Memorial and The Albert Hall
10 Downing Street (or at least, Downing Street)
The Gherkin Building
The Millenium Bridge
The London Eye

And much much more.

I only regret that I didn't look for The Globe Theatre. I would have been able to see it if I had thought to look for it, but I was concentrating on the other side of the Thames at that point.

When I got to Brighton, later, it was still clear and sunny but only in the 60's. There were lots of brave young English women in skimpy outfits. Because if you aren't willing to do skimpy when it's 60 here, you'll hardly ever have the chance.

Anyway, I'm here and glad to be here. More to follow. Including some pictures i took from the plane, when I have a chance to post them.

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