Saturday, November 14, 2009

Old Photo, Just Discovered.

The Bride's Brother, looking like a young god sometime in the 1980s.


Andrew said...

Taken by COG, btw, on a visit to a State Park near Worchester. I only vaguely remember looking like this, and now.. well, I quote Haiku.

The world of dew
Is a world of dew, and yet
And yet . . .

(Issa, transl. by Donald Keene)

David Briggs said...

I thought that it was the Bride's (and her brothers) sister Vivi in the photo at first glance, which shows that there are family traits shared between siblings.

The Bride said...

Purgatory Chasm was the name of the State Park.

Vivi said...

I have some photos taken at the Island during the same young-god phase. I wonder where they are? Will try to drum them up and post.

Andrew and I used to have almost identically colored hair, his leaning to darker and mine to redder. I think if you were to filter out the gray now, my hair color is now closer to David's redless dark blonde (in his 20s -- I think his/your hair is darker now, given that the gray is filtered out).

My own haiku (if translated, it would be the right number of syllables):

The hair of youth
is the hair of youth, and yet
we age...