Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Brighton Fashionista

I know you are all wondering what the fashions are in Brighton this year. I am sorry to report that it's the pantless look, plus either flats or Uggs or, sometimes, heeled ankle boots. These leggings are worn with t-shirts or sweaters that ride up over the bum at the first step taken.

I blame mothers for this - they clearly haven't read the chapter entitled 'Over My Dead Body' in the Mom Handbook.

Not that all the people wearing it are young. The women in the second and third pictures are old enough to know better.

The fourth photo - terrible picture, but I had to include it because of all the stripes going in different directions. Click twice on the picture to enlarge for full effect.

Notice the variation in the last picture, in which the handbag is worn in such a way that the bum is covered. In the same picture, on the right, notice the tights are made from a denim-look knit, perhaps intended to make you think they are just skinny jeans. And on the left, the tunic length sweater. I'd say the girls in this picture know there's something not quite right with the pantless look, but have succumbed to peer pressure.


Vivi said...

At least stripey has a pretty physically fit (nicely rounded) bum. (Give me a break, I'm stretching, here. There's gotta be some reason women do this.)

Actually I'm not sure the pantsless look is any worse than the love-handle look that's been prevalent with the low-cut pants of the past 5 years. We've just moved the wrongly accentuated flab from hips to bum and thighs.

peaceable_tate said...

I find this a deadly piece of reporting. I may never wear trousers again, ever. Interesting, too, that they all seem to be carrying the same sack.

Maybe they are congratulating themselves on how comfortable the look is.