Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Day, Another Cupboard

Only 'After' pictures this time. I"ve been clearing out all the junk we had put into the dining room while the reno was underway. Today I got rid of 6 boxes of Stuff. All of it Nice Stuff that I just didn't need. I also filled a box for the Daughter of COG and I put some things away for the Son of COG. Here's hoping I can talk him into taking some Stuff. Right now there are about 4 boxes sitting on the lawn by the road with signs - FREE Good Stuff - on them.

These are two pictures of a cupboard I've been working on. My goal was to get all my china into that cupboard. I've spent days making little organizing things for the inside - you can see the smaller shelves, for cups and little bowls, at the back of each big shelf. And in one picture you can see the stacking thing I made for platters.

I still have too many little pitchers and too many teapots, but I have far fewer than I had. So it's progress.


Vivi said...

Indeed, progress. And such wonderful stuff that you still have, all tidied away. There's something resonating about that. I am reminded of the lunchbox belonging to The Girl of the Limberlost, which had little ceramic containers that fit together like a puzzle and each was intended for a different part of the meal. I haven't a clue about the rest of the novel, that's all I remember.

The Bride said...

I have Girl of the Limberlost on my Kindle - it was free. I keep meaning to reread it.