Thursday, November 19, 2009

Before and After- Glass Cupboard


Number of items broken during removal and replacement: 2
Number of items sorted out to be given away: 30

Internal conversation while painting: "How much glassware does someone have before loved ones start planning an Intervention?......."
Internal conversation continued: "But I didn't _buy_ all of it, some of it was gifts or inherited. Really. No Intervention necessary. Look.... I"m getting rid of 30 items. I don't have a Glassware Problem."

The pictures don't do this justice - the 'before' white background was dirty unpainted plaster. The blue shelf liners were 14 years old.


Samantha said...

ahhh how soothing!

Vivi said...

Clearly much improved.

Funny how there's no gaps in the glasses to show absence of the 30. They must all have been in the back?

Thanks for the internal monologue, by the way. LOL.

The Bride said...

I filled the gaps with glassware from another cupboard, consolidating collections, as it were.

peaceable_tate said...

There are those who argue that it is possible to have too much glassware, who claim that having a cupboard full of glassware is a kind of addiction requiring intervention by loved ones, but I'm with those who say the opposite, who argue that "glassware deficiency syndrome" is a much more difficult disorder to treat. How can you treat those who deny the needs, who refuse to protect themselves against threats that only more glassware will solve?

I mean, things break. You need the right glasses for the occasion. You need enough glasses for everyone. Not everyone likes the same kind of glass!