Saturday, May 2, 2015

Brighton Kitchen Progress

I promised an update on the work I have done on the kitchen so here it is.  I am embarrassed by the pictures - they are terrible -but they are all I have. And this is mostly for my Mom (+ family members who have been there) so I am hoping to be forgiven.

Click on the photos for the full photo - they have been cut off on the side in the body of the post.

Here is the Before, where we started:

Then, last Fall, I changed the tiles under the window and painted the lower cabinets.  The upper cabinets were still the dingy looking off white, but the lower ones were a nice Farrow and Ball color, Downpipe.  Here is the state of the kitchen after that.:

And here is the other side of the U shaped counter. This gives you a nice sense of the color.

Here are the upper cupboards painted Farrow and Ball All White.  It makes a  huge difference, maybe more than you can see here.  

I also took out the shelf under the cabinet on the left, which was always just annoying.  But the backsplash there is metal and I wasn't sure how to take it off and put something else up.  Then, duh, I bought a drill bit intended for metal and it wasn't that hard to re- site another hanging thing from Ikea, which had been on the side of the fridge.  Again, a small tweak that has made a huge difference.  I also made a cover for the over the rubbish bin.  This is probably the thing that bugged me the most.  I'm not sure the curtain is a permanent solution, but it's great for right now. 

From another angle, so you can see my pretty freesias some more.  I had freesias in my wedding bouquet and I love having them around. 

The other refinement that I made - putting shelves by the fridge - I already showed you here, -  you can go back and see them by clicking.

Still to do, we need to get the soffit put back up.  I have already made another curtain for another opening you don't see here.  I have a shade that needs to get put up. This will happen in the summer when we are back - we have already arranged with the carpenter for this to happen.

And I am going to paint the fridge pale blue. It's not included in any of these pictures, but it's an almond color that just doesn't Go.  I was going to paint it white and then I saw a picture of a blue Smeg refrigerator and I knew that I must have a blue fridge:

And then there's the floor. I dunno.  It's a lime washed old pine (I think, pine).  Very charming but with big gaps between the boards which crumbs fall into and will not brush out.  I'm not sure what to do with it and until I am sure, it will remain as is. Maybe I might paint it in the meantime.  We'll see.

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Vivi said...

Finally catching up on the Italy and Brighton kitchen posts (I had been following on COG, so not out of the loop entirely -- good to see your perspective and further explanation about, for example, the Stairmaster to Amalfi).

Your link to see the shelves by the fridge takes me someplace I don't have permissions.

Lovely kitchen; lovely Italy.