Saturday, May 2, 2015

Italy Continued: More Plant Life

Not pruning this time but just a couple of things that impressed me.

First, we saw several of these trees.  No pruning on these that I could see, but such an odd looking thing.  All of the 'leaves' grow straight up from the branches, instead of drooping, or clustering around the branch as in every other evergreen tree I know.

And this beautiful hanging plant with purple flowers is the herb Rosemary used for landscaping.  I've seen it grow wild in massive bushes in the Mediterranean, and I've seen it - even blogged it- used for landscaping, but it always impresses me.  And I've not seen it hanging like this before.  When I think of my sad little Rosemary plant that I bring in each winter so I can use it in cooking... it hardly seems possible that it's the same thing. 

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