Saturday, May 2, 2015

Italy: a few odds and ends

Looking straight down from the 'Terrace of Infinity' at Villa Cimbrone. What I wanted to show was those ubiquitous strips of black and green.  Those are covering lemon orchards to keep any frost off of them, according to our driver.  The lemons form from autumn to spring, and this is not an area with heavy frosts, but they do get some light frosts and this protects the trees. 

Here's another view from straight on. This is very much a part of the springtime landscape:

Here's another picture showing the terracing better.  I don't know how old the terracing is. In some places we have walked in France, it was said to be thousands of years old.  This area has always been agriculturally rich, even in Roman times and probably before. Terracing is an old method, but, of course, much of this could be more recent.  

As I'm writing this, I keep looking through my pictures.  Without wishing to belabor the point, this is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.  I'm going to stop there.  The COGs pictures are better than mine.  

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