Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Storm Preparations

I'm washing linens and towels.  This was not suggested by the Emergency Bulletins we received but I thought - hey, gotta have clean sheets for a bad storm.  Plus, tomorrow morning before it gets too bad I plan to shower, manicure, super clean my teeth etc. Because you need to be clean if your roof blows off.

I'm also picking all the roses and other flowers still blooming in our yard - better to have them inside, where we can enjoy them than blown to bits outside.

I keep looking out the window at the beautiful fall colors. Most of the leaves will blow off.  This part of autumn - after the peak colors when maybe 1/4 of the leaves leaves have fallen - is in some ways my favorite.  The lighter leaf cover makes the sunlight shine through the remaining leaves in a really beautiful way. Things just glow.

They are predicting 3 to 5 foot storm surges with flooding on coastal roads and in basements.  This won't affect us, too much, unless we want to go anywhere between 6am Monday and 1pm Tuesday.    I've been reading up on storm surges and decided that, although knowledge is good, I don't want to learn any more. Too Boring. This is what I already know:   wind+ rain+( high tide x phase of moon) = flooding.

Here's a video demonstrating what a 3 foot surge can do:

Our basement will be wet, that is a certainty.  I've been down there getting things off the floor.  We have a generator that will keep the sump pumps working, but the floor still gets wet.  Our backyard will be mostly underwater. Our house adjoins the wetlands and the yard always floods when there is heavy rain. We are due for 4-5 days of rain, they say.

Off to pick flowers.

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