Monday, October 29, 2012

4 PM,

The wind has picked up a lot now and it's raining quite heavily.   At midday they were reporting that 10,000 people in MA were without power.  Now the Globes says 110,000 people were without power. The map of outages is spread like freckles all over the map of the state, many all around us.

Son of texted that friends of his in Wood's Hole have no power - the Cape is supposed to be hit quite hard.  And one of The COG's friends - who he was supposed to meet for dinner -  has just notified him that he has lost power - he lives in Boston.  Dinner was cancelled earlier to day.

So I'm about to make a nice hot dinner while I can. Squash, Chickpeas, and Coconut Curry is the menu.  It will probably be quite nice cold, too.

Here's a video I took a half hour ago. I don't know whether it really captures how much more windy it is now, but the wind is getting alarming. We keep hearing thumps and not knowing what they are. Probably branches on the roof.

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Tom said...

Thanks for the posts. I hope it doesn't become much more of an adventure. Stay safe.