Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bedtime Sunday

We've received an emergency bulletin from the Town of Ipswich telling us that certain of the coastal roads will be underwater for a few hours either side of high tide tomorrow midday and, again, in the evening.  This means a whole section of Ipswich on two little peninsulas called Great Neck and Little Neck will be cut off.  Argilla Road which leads past house to the beach will also be cut off close to the beach.

Meaning, I can't go to Pavilion Beach or Crane's Beach to see the waves.  Because it's all about me.

We've also been told that there will certainly be power outages,  likely at least for 2 days.

It's raining and a bit windy now, but it's supposed to get much worse starting at 2am.

I'm going to bed now on clean sheets, to savor the last precious moments of having power by turning out the lights.

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