Monday, October 29, 2012

Lost Power

We lost power at 7:20 pm and were surprised that it came back on 30 minutes later.  I expect it to go off again tonight. The Boston Globe is reporting that 350,000 homes are now without power in Massachusetts.

This is just to let you know we are fine.  We've had a hot dinner and are set for the night. Plus, I discovered that I can read by candlelight so we don't even need to waste battery power.  We are in no real danger away from the epicenter of the storm. It's very windy and rainy. The tides were higher than expected, but that's a couple of miles down the road.  Our chief problem will be power outages - more annoying than dangerous.

I'll post again the the morning, if we have power.  We are in touch with our kids by text, unless the phone cells go, which did happen in the last big storm, but at any rate, we will be in touch as we can.

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