Monday, May 7, 2012

Son of COG called today......

He was in Biddeford Maine and he asked if I wanted to come up for lunch.   I hopped in the car and drove the hour and a half to meet him.  He had spent a couple of nights in the house they'll be staying in during their research this summer.  It's pretty wonderful - a charming old summer camp with electricity and plumbing and hot water -  perched on a wooded hillock in a salt marsh, across the street from the ocean.  He made a nice spinach salad for us and we sat and admired the view and talked. Then, we walked across the street to the beach.  What a great place to spend the summer. Although, as he pointed out, they'll be getting up at 4 am and going onto Scarborough Marsh, which is 30 minutes south of there. But they'll be done midday, and come back and nap and swim etc.  They have computer facilities set up a few miles away at the Biddeford campus of the University of New England, so they'll spend some time there, too. 

The place was left to the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge, which really wants the land, not the house. Kind of sad that they will be tearing it down in the future, but now it's used by researchers. This will be the Son of's room.
Above,  the loft under the roof where the two undergrads will be staying. It's reached by very steep stairs.

The Son of making salad in the little kitchen.

The sitting area.

One of the other bedrooms.

From the outside.
 And last is a picture of the road out. You can see two houses, they are right on the ocean. And the bit of blue through the trees on the right is water in the salt marsh.

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