Sunday, May 13, 2012

Its a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood...

The Cat of COG is nonchalantly hanging around the bird feeder - don't mind me, birdies, I'm just hanging out. Son of COG once suggested that we just put a little cat-sized picnic table out there. But, really, Cat of COG prefers mice to birds. The mice live in the high grass, which is uncut until the daffodil leaves turn brown.


Vivi said...

Lovely photo.

Today, as I filled the bird feeders, Tasha followed me through the yard, reclining, odalisque a few feet away. Not ten minutes after I finished, she appeared in the kitchen, again stretched out casually, this time with a sparrow laid out in front of her.

I am wincingly aware that I spilled a lot of birdseed on the ground, in a space surrounded by high, hide-able-behind, lilies. Oops.

The Bride said...

I hope it was a house sparrow.